A reindeer herding family lives where the reindeer are. During the brighter seasons of summer and autumn, where day and night are the same, we reside on the Nordkyn peninsula.

When winter comes, and day becomes night, we move with the reindeer to our winter pasture in Tana. No matter where we are, you are welcome as our guest in our everyday lives, our traditions and our history.

Davvi Siida Foto Ørjan Marakatt Bertelsen-853

Our reindeer husbandry roots go far back beyond modern times. Today, we are three generations working together on reindeer husbandry. As our ancestors before us, we are reindeer herders, with a responsibility to manage nature, culture and history. And, pass it on for future generations.

Reindeer husbandry is a rough profession. We live with the reindeer and for the reindeer. A reindeer herder spends large parts of the year alone in the mountains. The inherited knowledge and generations of interactions between nature and man are absolutely crucial for Ailu.

Duodji has always had a central place in our lives. We take traditions into the modern. Designs on the blankets from us are inspired by traditional Sami patterns that safeguard Sami aesthetics and represent an important part of our cultural heritage. Photo shows Ellinor's mother and aunt.

My creative urge has always been strong. When I sew and hear the tendon thread make its own kind of melody, I always remember the strong women who have taught me the work, the stories and our traditions. This is knowledge that has been developed for generations.