The interior displays all the beautiful ornaments you can get from a reindeer, and the light streaming in through the windows never allows you to forget which part of the world you are in. If you really want to explore the most northerly regions of Europe, and everything this area has to offer, our lodge makes a fantastic starting point.


Feast on nature’s own delicatessen, cooked over an open fire. The Sami word ‘Áivan’ means excellent, exquisite; something of supreme quality. All our dishes have been specially selected with a desire to represent more than simply good food when we serve you. If you would like to experience our special way of life as our guest, we invite you to help prepare and serve a tradition-rich Sami meal with us.

  • Lavvo with bonfiring
  • 4G signal
  • Shower
  • Boat avalible
  • Kitchen
  • Breakfast
  • Wonderful hiking oppertuneties
  • Design and duodjishop
  • Bedding

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