We can be found near Gilevuotna/Kjøllefjord, ringed by ridges covered with Alpine birch, downy willow bushes and pussywillow. Our place lies down by Store Finngamvannet, a lake filled with fish whose name is a reminder that our people have existed here for hundreds of years. Inside the yurt you’ll feel the warmth and the smell of a crackling fire of birchwood with a hint of willow. Pussywillow is Ailu’s favourite. The smell of the fire mingles with the aroma of reindeer hide, birchwood and reindeer-meat soup.

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Summertime brings our great design and craft sale. As well as our own designer items, we also stock other Sami artefacts and local foods from various northern Norwegian producers. Come and take a closer look at our range of unique items at our Finngammvannet shop.

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From time immemorial, whenever the Sami folk built up a fire of bark kindling and dry logs, they would sing the folk music known as ‘joik’. In a traditional turf-roofed hut you can get the feel of a roaring fire, good food, tales of Sami life, taste our history and of course the joik itself,

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Feast on nature’s own delicatessen, cooked over an open fire. The Sami word ‘Áivan’ means excellent, exquisite; something of supreme quality. All our dishes have been specially selected with a desire to represent more than simply good food when we serve you.

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