A Culinary experience

With us at Davvi Siida you can learn about our history and culture as one of the world’s indigenous people. Try authentic Sami food cooked over an open fire in the Lavvu (Sami tent). We offer a culinary experience from the traditional Sami kitchen. Fresh, dried and smoked reindeer meat are just some of the many delights on offer to our guests.


We help you to prepare an unforgettable meal. A culinary experience of the highest quality in a distinctive environment!

Sleep in a lavvu tent

Overnight as the Sami have done for centuries - sleep in a lavvu on a velvety bed of birch twigs. This is a natural and comfortable way to learn more about Sami culture and traditions.


If you prefer, we have two beautiful cottages, fully equipped with electricity and en suite toilet. There are communal showers with sauna and access to an idyllic barbecue area located on the edge of the lake. All cabins are tastefully furnished with decor and design from the Sami culture.


With us you will have a comfortably stay, in beautiful natural surroundings, adjacent to the mountains and the sea!

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