Davvi Siida is a Sami tourism enterprise that organizes nature and cultural attractions based on the Sami culture. The Utsi family consists of M. D. and mother Ellinor, her husband Ailu, sons Ande Niilas and Ivvar Ailu together with daughter Sárá Marja. All family members work as reindeer herders and tourist hosts offering their knowledge of the Sami culture and reindeer husbandry. The Utsi family keep reindeer as their main activity and follow the herds in their seasonal migration from the winter locale in Tana to Nordkyn as the summer approaches.





The Utsi family’s reindeer herding heritage goes back centuries, through their forefathers, and will pass the legacy on to the future generations. Nature is our bank account, we will always realize the capital in the form of natural resources - Nature is also our culture. The tourist business Davvi Siida, was established in 2007 and has since then delivered the product “A Taste of Lapland” to Hurtigruten. In 2011, we purchased the camping site next to Finngamvannet, where in addition to accommodation we also offer Sami culture and culinary experience in the Lavvu.




At Davvi Siida you can learn about our history and culture as one of the world's indigenous peoples. Get closer to the reindeer, enjoy the peace and take home a memento from the craft shop. The Utsi family welcomes you - bures boahtin!

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