Wool blanket with Sami design


Product description: The blankets are made from 100% pure wool. It ensures soft and comfortable lightweight blankets that are robust enough to remain beautiful and functional for many years. The design and style of this material is inspired by traditional Sami patterns that embrace the Sami aesthetic and represent an important part of their cultural heritage. The colour scheme is typical of that used in Sami settlements of the Varanger-Karasjok area. Wool is a natural product with unique properties.


Material: Wool.


Attributes: The blanket is available in only one design. Either side can be displayed, showing a light or dark background.


Size: 200 cm long x 135 cm wide.


Manufacturer: Røros Tweed AS.


Designer: Ellinor Guttorm Utsi


Cleaning: Good airing and light shaking with dry snow is usually enough to keep the blanket clean. Otherwise, washing as woolen item at 30 degrees is recommended.

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