sami culture


Join us on our relaxed afternoon excursion, a 2.5 hour "taste" of our culture, history and way of life on the Nordkyn Peninsula.


Before we drive you up to the Sami camp, Davvi Siida, we take a trip through the center of Kjøllefjord, a traditional fishing village.


At Davvi Siida, you meet the Utsi family in their traditional Sami dress. You will be invited into the lavvu where a roaring fire, steaming hot broth and joiking creates a magical aura while you hear about Sami culture and way of life.


After the Lavvu visit we go outside to see the reindeer. The Utsi family explains about reindeer herding, and you get to try lassoing!

see pictures from a day at davvi siida:


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